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“I would like to share my experience with Allco Siding and Windows. This past November my husband and I scheduled an appointment with the company to see about the options for new energy saving windows and siding. Our home is 3 sides brick but the wood siding in the back of home was in need of repairs. The general manager came out and we discussed at great length the options available to us on both the windows and siding. Our home was built in 1998 and the windows were double pane but were very inefficient, were foggy between the glass and the back of house was always cold or hot, depending on the season. We decided to go with the insulated vinyl siding (rather than the hardi - which would still need to be painted) and double pane windows for the back of the house. A few weeks later the windows were ready to be installed (they were custom made at Allco's factory). We had 7 windows installed in one day!! The crew was great, worked fast and cleaned up as they worked on one window after another. The next day the siding men were on the job. 3 days later, the siding was finished. My husband and myself were so happy we ordered the remaining 9 windows. A couple weeks later they were installed (again in one day). Our home now feels so much more comfortable, I am very happy with the windows, on cold days like today, the furnace hardly ever turns on. I am sure they will save us money on energy bills. I really am pleased with the hands on approach the Allco manager takes in making sure the job goes smoothly from start to finish. The siding and windows both have a lifetime warranty, my husband is a retired Army man, and he loves the fact that our home is now maintenance-free and looks great. Prior to making our appointment with Allco, we checked with the Copperas Cove Better Business Bureau and several previous Allco customers. They are rated the best!!!! In closing, I recommend that anyone looking for windows or siding, CALL ALLCO.”  

“We had our windows replaced by Allco: first we did the north side of our home and we noticed such a difference in how much warmer the house was that we had the remaining replaced a year later. We live in Waco, Texas and the winters are not long but still cold so we are 100% satisfied with the new windows. Prior to changing out the windows we had a drafty cold house. Our home was built in the 70's and had single pane windows. We chose the dual pane windows with argon gas and low-E package and they help save on utility bills: both summer and winter. One feature we enjoy very much is that the replacement windows really make the house quieter. We live on a busy street and the traffic noise was very loud with our old windows. We are very pleased with our windows and the crews did a great job installing the new windows. They cleaned up great afterward. The manager, Tom, checks in on us from time to time, making sure all is going well with the windows. Allco has been a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them!!!" - Howell & Sue Farnsworth.

“Allco contractors replaced our windows. The work was done quickly, thoroughly, beautifully, and to my satisfaction. Unfortunately, I am unable to find a way to post my review/testimonial from your website. Now that Austin is having what might be construed as "true winter", the usefulness of the siding is even more apparent. The utility bill has been significantly lower since the siding was installed and that, as well as the lovely appearance of the siding, is simply delightful. I would recommend Allco in a heartbeat." - Kate Braun

“Allco Windows and Siding replaced the siding and windows on our home here in Copperas Cove, Texas. Our home was built in the 80's and had the old single pane windows and wood siding. My husband and I looked at several companies products before deciding to give the contract to Allco. Their price wasn't the cheapest nor the most expensive but we chose them because we liked they order direct from the factory and are not a franchise company but rather a small company with a PERSONAL TOUCH THAT CARES!! We ordered the high energy triple pane windows and the vinyl siding that comes with insulation on it from the factory. I just loved the patience that Tom (general manager) extended to us. This was a big decision money wise and we are very frugal and I must admit also picky. We plan on living our years out here in this home so we wanted everything done right and wanted to be sure of the color choices etc. So it was a process to say the least!! The crews that worked on our home were just wonderful. They worked quickly and put up with my husband supervising! He is a retired Master Sergeant and used to giving orders. From start to finish they exceeded both of our expectations, and Tom stopped by daily to monitor progress and keep things rolling smoothly. Our home looks great, the windows are keeping us nice and warm, and we are very pleased with the job. I have and I will continue to recommend Allco Siding and Windows!!" - Kathy Collins

"I called three contractors before going with Allco Contractors. All the other companies refused to come out because the job was too small for them to perform. Allco Contractors came right out and got the job done quick and right." - Sandra & Jay

"I want to personally thank the staff from Allco Contractors for all their hard work and professionalism. I highly recommend their services to anyone." - Al & Susan

“Allco Siding and Windows replaced 9 windows in my home about a year ago. I am very happy with the performance of the new windows!! I am saving money on my electric bill. Prior to the new windows my bills were consistently over 400.00 per month. Now I have never had a 300.00 monthly utility bill. From start to finish the window replacement project went smoothly. The Allco installation crew did a great job, cleaned up as they worked and they took time to explain the operation of the windows as part of the final inspection.” 

"If you're looking for a company that you can proudly recommend to your friends and family, this is the company. The team that came out was great to work with. They were very transparent with where the budget was going. I was very pleased with the end result. Highly recommend!" - Candy & Carl

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